Garden Decor with Tires ideas
Garden Decor with Tires ideas -

5 Simple Trick To Utilize Unused Tire For Your Garden To Be Amazing

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Do you have a car? You must have a used tire. Well, guys, this time we want to share with you 5 simple tips for utilizing your old car tires to decorate your home garden. Making your garden more beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive. We can even make it prettier than unused materials. One of them is used tires.

Vehicle tires that we no longer use are usually discarded right away because if they are stored it will require a lot of space. Even if a little find out, we will find a lot of inspiration in the creation of used tires into useful items for our daily lives. Besides that, the creation of used tires certainly adds its own unique value to its users. In addition to making your home garden more beautiful, you can also use and reduce items that are not used.

Making Flower Pots from Used Tires

Garden Decor with Tires ideas
Garden Decor with Tires ideas –

You can make used tires as a flower pot. Either as a flower pot that you place on your porch or as a flower pot directly planted in your garden.

Making Used Tires as Swing Toys in the Garden.

You can make simple swings from used tires, as for the way you can search from YouTube. You can hang it on a large tree in the back of your house or you make a strong wooden hanger or iron pipe.

Making Used Tires as a Garden Decoration in Animal Shape

If you are a little creative, you can form a used tire as a form of an animal such as a swan or other animals. And then you place it in your home garden.


If you need to move large, heavy plant pots, just use the cart from an old tire. Besides that, you can use it for other purposes such as transporting sand, rocks, etc. So there is no harm in having this used tire creations.

A Seat In The Dragon Model Park From Used Tires

If you are determined and free, you can try making dragon ornaments from old tires. A long dragon body can be a seat for many people.

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